Tailored Ascema Modules

The diversity of the Ascema solution is within our modular approach. You can subscribe to the Ascema platform and add Ascema modules based on your enterprise needs - getting the most value for the least cost and building your system as your needs expand.


Ascema Investigate provides an aggregated at a glance overview of Ascema events related to enterprise and customer content and drills down to potential suspicious end user behaviour and enterprise content accessibility, incorporating behaviour analysis,  with real time visualisation of related content and events.


Ascema Structure provides real time tracking and control of structured data at point of export from the database for content protection, audit and compliance. 


Let Ascema help in reassuring your clients that their information is safe with you.  Ascema Identify fingerprints and indexes incoming third party or customer owned digital information across email and multiple data rooms, in the cloud or on premise, in real time  supporting risk profiling against the inadvertent use of third party IP, legal eDiscovery and customer asset removal.


Ascema Classify uses machine learning algorithms and AI, to identify and automatically classify enterprise and customer information in transit across disparate systems and places high value enterprise and customer content in the Ascema Vault for protection. Ascema Classify can also function alongside existing classification systems such as Boldon James and Titus.


Do you have a supply chain? Being able to communicate and collaborate securely is essential for supply chains and the Ascema Infinity module allows multiple businesses to securely share their content level protected assets and track them across multiple enterprise datastreams. This is done by sharing the irreversible fingerprints between the businesses vaults. This also allows detailed reporting of how your data is used by external collaborators.

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